The Weeknd is ~desperate~ to keep his relationship with Selena a secret

Dunno how we feel about his reason, TBH!

By Matt Galea

While Selena Gomez is off declaring her love for her new bae, The Weeknd to the world, it looks like he has the opposite intentions.

You see, the 'Starboy' singer is, like, a totally real artist, you guyz, and he doesn’t want his relationship to get in the way of that.

A close friend of the 26-year-old singer claims that Abel wants to keep his relationship away from the spotlight, "shutting down all the extra stuff."

"He wants to be known as an artist and the relationship can thrive behind closed doors," the source continued. "He doesn‘t want to be a pawn in anyone’s game, he doesn't want his relationships to become a joke."

This comes just after Selena’s ex-bae, Justin Bieber claimed that Sel is using The Weeknd for promotion.

Which, for the record, seems like total BS!

But we do understand what Abel means by not wanting their relationship to "become a joke."

We mean, just take a look at what happened to #Jelena in the end!

Let’s all hope that #Ablena will be different.

We totally ship this!