The Weeknd is taking Selena Gomez home to his family now

Is this #Abelena or #Hiddleswift?!

By Bianca Mastroianni
The Weeknd wants to take Selena to meet his family

Selena Gomez may not be that close with Taylor Swift anymore, but we’re noticing some insane links between the two lately that we can’t ignore.

Selena and The Weeknd just got back from their romantic Italian getaway… something Taylor and Tom Hiddleswift did right as they became public. Now, Abel is planning on taking Selena to his hometown to meet his family.


Taylor met Tom Hiddleswift’s mum in his hometown right off the bat also… and that relationship sunk harder than the Titanic.

Look, we aren’t saying they’re copying them or that their relationship is doomed because it’s following in the same footsteps… but, ~why~ is it so similar?

Some may call it the same publicity track… SORRY NOT SORRY!!!

Anyway, you heard that right. Apparently Abel is planning to take Selena to his hometown in Toronto, according to Hollywood Life sources.

“For The Weeknd, no place says love more than Italy and that’s one of the reasons he wanted to spend time there with Selena [Gomez]. With all the hate that’s going on with Donald Trump being President, he just wanted to get the f-k out and be surrounded with love and beauty and Selena gave him all of that and more!

“Their trip was bomb. They saw some historical sights, laughed, and found this cute little chain length fence and put a love lock on it! The Weeknd loves traveling with her and wants to take her to Toronto next and give her a personal tour of his old stomping grounds,” said the source.

Could this relationship move any faster? Yes… it could actually. Apparently they pair are already planning to write music together as an ~intimate~ thing on Valentine’s Day, as well as making their debut as a couple at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

Let’s hope they don’t follow in #Hiddleswifts footsteps too closely…