The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ creator ~may~ have just confirmed a reunion

Time to dust off your magic wands!

By Matt Galea
The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ creator has weighed in on a reunion

We still haven’t been able to find the chill that we lost when Selena Gomez and David Henrie discussed what their Wizards of Waverly Place characters would be doing rn.

Five years after the ~magical~ Disney program ended, the former co-stars guessed that Justin would still be headmaster of Wiz Tech as well as a Dad of at least 12 kids, while Alex would still be single and trying to find herself.

Sel suggested that the youngest sibling, Max who lost his powers at the end of the series would still be running Waverly Sub Station.

David disagreed, suggesting the Subway esque restaurant would have gone bankrupt, forcing Max to sell subs on the street.

WELL, the show’s creator and executive producer Todd J. Greenwald couldn’t let the stars have all the fun, so he weighed in on what he thought the wizards would be up to in the present day.

”Umm @selenagomez @DavidHenrie.... Max sold the SubStation. It's now a Jamba Juice. #wowp,” he suggested. ”Justin can't stop dating Centaurs... he can't quit the freaks.”

Erm, those are certainly some interesting theories.

”I'm thinking a grown-up theatrical version of #wowp would be kinda fresh. #reboot”.

Uh, hell yeah that would be fresh! That would be fresh af!

Come on wizards, start waving your wands. We NEED to make this magic happen!