Can you guess how Bella Thorne is spending Valentine's Day?

This might not be what you expect

By Bianca Mastroianni
How is Bella Thorne spending Valentine's Day?

Not sure if y'all have realised this or not, but SOMEHOW, it's already February.

I know, we're shocked too. This means that the most romantic day of the year is right around the corner... and we're all interested in how our fave celebs are going to celebrate.

We can expect the romance to be kicked up a notch with the likes of Gigi and Zayn, Selena and The Weeknd etc etc, but how about serial heart breaker Bella Thorne?! SURELY this gal has something epic planned...?

Our vote won't be with Tyler Posey or Charlie Puth, especially after all that sh-t hit the fan... but what about Zedd? Or even Nat Wolff who she's recently been hanging out with?!

WELL, "I don't have a valentine's date :\," she revealed to a fan on Twitter.

That was unexpected.

Or maybe this is her way of letting her extensive contact list know (subtly) that she's free.