This PLL fan video proves that *SPOILER ALERT* was A all along

It was actually pretty obvious.

Still hung up on the theory that Wren is A?

We were too, until we watched this incredible video of skill, precision and research.

Youtuber Phaedra Joyce honestly should be working for Rosewood Police Department, because she pretty much figured out who A was in a 6 minute video.

When the news that Cece Drake was A broke the internet, many were in denial and feared that the "leaked" rumours that A was Wren was the reason behind the random reveal.

…but no.

According to Phaedra’s video, there have been so many hints and really obvious clues that Cece was the original choice for A, all along. Like, girlfriend might've well been wearing a "I AM A" t-shirt.

For example, remember when Ashley Marin found a woman’s top in a bag that Alison’s mum later gave to ~someone~? Well, in the next episode we see Cece wearing THE EXACT SAME TOP.

face palm

In fact, Marlene has been dropping about a zillion hints that CeCe is the original black hoodie way back in season 4.

Remember that dodgy aeroplane episode? Yep, Cece babes even had her name on the receipt.Oh, and A's obsession with French culture? Probably should have noticed that Cece (aside from Spencer) is totally fluent in French.

Our bad.

Check it out for yourself and be prepared to make this face: