Beyonce's mum just embarrassed her so badly on social media

She deleted the post, but the damage is done.

By Erin Van Der Meer

Urgh, Mum!! TAKE IT DOWN! That’s what Beyonce and Solange said when they saw what Tina Knowles posted on Instagram earlier this week.

Tina uploaded the photo above of Jay Z and Solange in an elevator … you know, like the elevator at the Met Gala in 2014 when leaked security footage showed Solange beating Jay up when she suspected him of cheating on Bey?

Maybe Bey or Solange realised the connection, or the comments starting coming in thick and fast. Either way, Tina yanked the photo down but not before TMZ and probably a lot of other people screen-grabbed the moment so it can live on in the terrifying archives of the internet forever more.

Parents can be SO embarrassing on social media. It’s just what they do.