Hackers gain access to Tom Hiddleston’s Instagram account, run amok

Come on guys, he’s new to this.

By Amber Manto

Poor Tom, he’s only been on Instagram for two weeks and already he’s been hacked.

The attack went down yesterday with the intruder posting 10 ~crazy~ pics and captions which seemed rather out of the ordinary for our Loki, who’s all about these sorts of happy snaps…

Instead, these sorts of hectic images started to appear.

Even his verified account bio was changed to read: “'TEAM.ERORR.4.0.4 @rjz @ikp @dr.rghx @u52 @x3azmii @p9j @x.hrb.” which looked all rather spammy.

And captions such as: "Afford to take the injustice of people but when my turn will not have mercy on one" and "Fans Tom hiddleston Don't worry we will back account to him." So clearly whoever did this doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language.

Funnily enough, no Taylor pics were posted and she wasn’t mentioned, so Swifties you’re off our list of suspects.

The hack appears to have been someone linked to the account @ikp as a picture of Tom's defaced Insta was posted on this account along with caption "Done".

However a caption on Tom's hacked page asked fans to follow @rjk so this could be the work on one hacker with multiple accounts, or multiple hackers working together. Who really knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

As of last night the pics were deleted and Tom’s account was restored to its former glory – all four photos of it.

Still ya might wanna ask your girlfriend for a few tips on upping your privacy settings, mate.