Trace Cyrus slams All Time Low at the APMAs

Because they couldn’t let the girls have all the attention…

The battle of the bands is on like Donkey Kong.

Shots were fired at the Alternative Press Music Awards when Metro Station's Trace Cyrus (a.k.a Miley’s big bro) and Mason Musso used their moment on stage to call out All Time Low for dissing them. (Watch above.)

But apparently the on-stage outburst wasn't enough to get the drama off Trace’s chest (a very naked, tatted up chest, we might add) as he later took to Twitter to continue the rant using TwitLonger - the Twitter installment that people use when they need more that 140 characters to rage.

"To clear things up I wasn't upset what all time low said on stage' he wrote. “It just pushed me to my limit. They have talked s**t about me and Metro Station for years and even made merch making fun of us.

"I've played many shows and toured with them and I have no respect for people who can't say something to my face. I confronted them back stage and they denied everything like cowards. Hate me or love me but I'm real and say it how it is."

And just in case you didn’t believe Trace, he also tweeted the YouTube link of one of ATL’s shows where they poke fun at Metro Station.

In defence of Trace’s (albeit never ending) rant, ATL were pretty damn nasty:

Seriously though, what the heck is happening in Hollywood? Why are all of the musicians turning on each other!? Gah!

Words: Matthew Galea.