Troye Sivan admits his leaked nudes actually look really good

That's one way to stay positive.

By Bianca Mastroianni

It seems like every celeb EVER has nude photos leaked these days. Babe's really need to go back to the classic camera instead of these damn iPhonezzzzz.

Along with the recent leaked pics of Justin Bieber - who we have come to expect nudes out of - our home grown Troye Sivan is the latest victim.

#SorryNotSorry for that GIF.

But, Troye hasn't let the violation of his privacy get the better of him, instead taking control of the situation and at least finding the humour in it. Troye has shared a screenshot of a conversation he has had with his manager, and it's all the LOLs.

"When ur almost nudes leak and ur talking to management," he captioned his Twitter post.

"I look good. Lmao," was his response to the pics, and yep. We're damn sure he does.

But before you go searching for the image, or sharing anything, remember that this is a massive violation of his privacy, and he has kindly asked his fans to respect him.

His great attitude has now led the fandom to share #RespectTroye instead of sharing you-know-what.

WHAT a great fandom.