Twitter introduces a new feature that is so on freaking point

~Praise hands emoji~.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Twitter is a fab social media platform. Thanks to it, we know where Harry Styles is at all times <3. But along with social media - not just Twitter but all platforms - comes the opportunity to receive a lot of online abuse.

Twitter has just come up with a new feature that will hopefully shut out online abuse. The feature is a 'mute' button, which will be available under the 'Notifications' menu in their settings.

According to The Independent, the feature has been available for people with ~verified~ accounts, and it filters out low-quality tweets that could be automated, or offensive. It doesn't filter content from people that users follow, and it can be switched off whenever. Sounds pretty neat.

Twitter already has "rules" where it will not "tolerate behaviour that crosses the line into abuse, including behaviour that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user's voice," which is fantastic, but it's great to see that some of the
~rules~ and power against bullying can be put in users hands.

There hasn't been a date on when the "mute" feature will launch, but watch this space for any updates. <3.