10 best Twitter reactions from Aussies trying to get Ed Sheeran tickets


By Jessica Lynch

With Ed Sheeran presale tickets coming on sale yesterday arvo, Aussie Sheerios hit up the web, hell bent on nabbing one of the coveted early release spots.

But instead, thousands were left fuming after ticketing site failed to cope with the amount of users on their website.

Understandably, frustrated fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations at missing out on their fave ginger Brit – and they basically sum up all our feelings on missing out rn.

Thankfully, we’ve still got next Tuesday (May 23) to give it another shot – and luckily Ed, being the dear he is, has now announced extra shows for both Sydney and Melbourne (YASSS!)

Poor Troop Cat Ed just wanted to meet his human twin!

We love that Ed totally gets our feelings.

Just add the laptop being thrown out the nearest window and it’s spot on.

Us when the ticket site finally loads…

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Hands tissue... DW we can all cry together <3

Too real.

Cheers for rubbing it in, Naomi, you lucky thing, you..

We’d cry happy tears too tbh.

Pretty much, yeah.

Legit could have flown to England and picked up a ticket off Ed IRL at this rate…