Tyga posts, then deletes, a controversial pic of Kylie and now everyone is confused

PND, look away.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Leave it to Kylie and Tyga to confuse the hell out of everyone over the weekend.

We now live in a world where you need a PHD in investigating to figure out who's dating who.

It has been well-known knowledge that Kylie and Tyga had broken up, and as much as we thought she was moving on with new bae PartyNextDoor, #Kyga might be officially back on.

Just a day after Kylie appeared with PND in his music video for Come and See Me, a weird exchange between her and Tyga went down on Instagram.

Leave it to the Internet to make great use of the screenshot feature though, because shortly after Tyga posted the above pic it was deleted. Note the "They always come back..." caption and how it kinda sorta looks like Kylie's been crying (red nose).

Kylie later posted this pic:

Nothing spesh about it aside from the fact that she's in the same outfit as Tyga's pic. The real kicker is the next picture she posted to Instagram...

If you open up the 'tagged people' in the pic, you'll notice Tyga is tagged... on her butt. The caption is also a crown emoji which clearly represents Tyga as he goes by ~kinggoldchains~ on Instagram.

See what we mean, NOTHING is straightforward anymore.

The plot thickens though, because #Kyga attended Kanye's cray cray Famous music video premiere in LA Friday night.

E! News reported: She had her hand on his shoulder. As they stopped by their seats in the front row of a balcony section, Kylie put her arm around Tyga's neck and her head on his shoulder.

At one point, Kylie also kissed Tyga on the cheek and whispered something into his ear.

We don't even know why we bother trying to keep up. Officially 3000% confused.