Tyga and Savage are in a war to win Kylie's love and it's getting messy

Fight for 'yo girl!

By Bianca Mastroianni

The Twilight saga continues... okay, so replace the vampire and werewolf with two rappers and Bella with a teen star, and you've got yourself a modern version of the ~classic~ tale.

Just last week the internet noticed that someone other than Tyga found Kylie hot... so began the war.

Rapper Savage posted a pic of Kylie on Twitter, with a bunch of love heart eye's a few weeks ago, kicking off the ~drama~...

From then, people came up with a wild theory that he and Kylie were having a secret affair, but now Tyga has stepped in to ~claim~ his bae as his, and only his.

Tyga posted a pic of him and Kylie on Instagram, captioned, "Selling records being you, but still you want to be me,"

The obvious jab seemed to push Savage to poke the fire even more, posting this #hawt pic of Kylie, captioned, "shoutout to my boss b--- wifing n-ggas."


A video then leaked of Savage calling out Tyga in one of his shows, as well as a video of Savage threatening ~someone~, in which the IRL Kylie commented, calling him a "b-tch".

It's really hard to keep up with these wars when the kids are using 3,000 different social media platforms, but THEN Savage posted on his Twitter that the video is old...

"it ain't dat serious mf posting old ass videos this shit done went to far it was funny at first."

To be fair we'd fight over too if we had the damn chance...