Tyga has asked Kris Jenner for Kylie's hand in marriage and OH-MY-GOD

Could you imagine THIER WEDDING!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Tyga asked Kris Jenner permission to marry Kylie Jenner

It's pretty damn obvious for anyone who keep's up with the youngest Jenner, that Kylie and Tyga are freaking in LOVE!

Since Kylie grew into the beautiful flower she is today, she has always had her main man Tyga as her boyfriend. Through thick and thin, they've come out on the other side stronger than ever.

So it comes at no surprise that two are possible end game.

The Kardashian/Jenner klan have just been on vacation in Costa Rica, having the damn time of their lives by the looks of it. But, Tyga must have been feeling the family love, 'coz according to an ~exclusive~ source at Hollywood Life*, Tyga asked Kris for Kylie's hand in marriage.


"Tyga turned up the Costa Rican heat and asked Kris if he could marry Kylie when the time comes", the source revealed. "He told Kris he loves Kylie and can’t see himself being with anyone but her."

So, what did Kris say?!


"Kylie was gushing and blushing at the same time when T asked her mother about marriage," the source said. "She can’t believe how sweet and honest T is and feels so lucky to have a man like him who’s so serious about her."

Looking at the pics Kylie has put up of them together, it definitely seems like they had one hell of a time.

We are SO here for a Kylie wedding, just sayin'. We already made our prediction's about what would go down.