Tyga's weird as hell bedroom habit has been revealed and we're shook

He does it because he's apparently a 'real king.'

By Bianca Mastroianni

We all know Tyga's obsession with being a 'king', and just using the word in general. Heck, it's even his sons name.

So what does a king usually come with? A lot of gold. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

This could really go on for a while...

Sure, he rocks the bedazzlement erryday, but can you imagine sleeping with that? He can.

YUP, according to Hollywood Life, Tyga refuses to take off any of his jewellery while he sleeps, and Kylie hates it.

"Sleeping next to Tyga is like laying your head on a chain link fence at night – it’s not cool and very uncomfortable,” a source told the site. “That’s what Kylie's nights are like because T refuses to sleep without all his chains and rings on. It’s so weird and annoys the hell out of Kylie to the point where she has to put big pillows in between them so his chains aren’t hitting her in the head or hit the couch in the middle of the night.”

Well, that's... interesting. And like we said, he does it for the strangest reason.

“Tyga tells Kylie all the time that he’s a real king and kings always sleep in full regalia, including jewelry,” the source continued. “Kylie laughs at Tyga’s reasoning and loves him to death, but she wishes he would disrobe himself of all the gold and diamonds when they’re in bed.”

We couldn't think of anything worse. It's bad enough if you've ever experienced wearing a bra to bed, or earrings. Ugh, gold or diamonds, they belong in the jewellery box when you're catching some Zz's.