Tyler Posey ‘comes out’ on Snapchat, internet blows up

People are not happy.

By Emily Kerr

Uh oh. Teen Wolf hottie Tyler Posey has angered the interwebs with his latest Snapchat.

Tyler appears to suggest he’s gay in the video, which shows a street sign that reads ‘Gay St.’ while he can be heard saying “This is me. I am this and this is me. I've never felt more alive," before turning the camera to selfie mode and yelling, “I'm gay!”.

Tyler’s publicist then confirmed to E! News that, “Tyler did not ‘come out’ on Snapchat”.

While some Twitter users cracked jokes about the stunt:

Others were more genuinely hurt by Tyler trivialising something that’s very real and important to a lot of people:

Tyler issued a heartfelt apology on Twitter, and you can’t help but feel he’s legit and truly sorry.

Wonder what his out-and-proud former co-star, Colton Haynes, makes of all this?