Dylan O'Brien has a massive crush on Harry Styles and we're feelin' it

We ship this.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Harry Styles, Dylan O'Brien

A bromance between our fave celebrity boiz is something we fangirl over hard.

We witnessed it between 5SOS and our beloved Niall, as well as Joe Jonas and Ansel Elgort, which made us all like:

But what we love even MORE is when a star-crossed bro has something to do with our godliest god of all gods.

Harry Styles, frog prince, floral suit extraordinaire... Pair him with Dylan O'Brien and we have a match made in man-crush heaven.

Dylan's BFF Tyler Posey shared his Snapchat username on Twitter, revealing quite an ~iNtEreStinG~ revelation.

"​I have a snapchat. It's Tpose-styles add dat good s**t​".

When a fan asked: "hey why the styles?", Tyler admitted it was because of ~Dylan's love~.

"​I first made it years ago only for my homie Dylan and he really liked Harry styles at the time so, boom.​"


Boom and a #Ship is born.

We now know what we'll be sending Dylan as a "get-well" gift as he recovers from his injury....