The Vampire Diaries have majorly upset the LGBTQ community and we can defs see why

Especially amid the whole #BuryYourGays drama.

By Bianca Mastroianni
The Vampire Diaries

We know you're highly ~intrigued~ about what is going to be said next but before you carry on with this article you should know there are major SPOILER ALERTS ahead so proceed with caution, guys.

If you're still into The Vampire Diaries these days, then you'll be familiar with some new characters including a lesbian couple (who we adore) Mary Louise and Nora.

And if you're attached to them then let go now because BOOM they're dead, and the fans are NOT happy about it.

Image: CBS/Warner Bros

This isn't the first time characters have been brutally killed off the show, but what has ruffled everyone's feathers is the fact these were the last two LGBTQ characters left.

Now there are a grand total of zero, and many people are questioning the shows integrity regarding the likelihood of a gay couple having a happy ending like most straight TV couples.

The drama has gone down right in the midst of the #BuryYourGays campaign which has spread online which brings to light that many popular TV shows kill off gay characters.

Pretty Little Liars we are looking at you, because if Emily goes there might be a full-blown angry mob coming for your producers. Just sayin'.

We're still not over Maya...

DOLLY predicts TVD will bring the girls back to life miraculously with a backwards witchy spell, in the hopes that ~all~ will be forgiven.

We bet our daylight rings on it. XX