Vanessa Hudgens can lay that rock carving incident to rest

This was one expensive Valentine's Day.

By Bianca Mastroianni

UPDATE 16/5/2016

We can all breathe a big sigh of relief as we won’t be seeing Vanessa or Austin wearing orange jumpsuits anytime soon.

Vanessa babes has opted to pay a fine of US$1000 (about AUD$1375) for that rock carving debacle she got in strife for back in February. In case you don't remember, she carved her and Austin's initials into a rock at Coconino National Forest in Arizona, then posted a pic of her handiwork on Insty. Which was totally vandalism.

Anyways, the money was given to volunteer group Friends of the Forest, who'll use the cashola to restore the rock back to its former glory.

Turns out this sort of vandalism happens a lot in this national park, and it was only coz of Vanessa’s fame that she was found out.

"She was caught in the act because she publicised it and she's famous," said Coconino National Forest Service spokesman Brady Smith. "I'm sure there are others who are not famous and publicised it and we've never known."Moral or the story: don’t post the dumb stuff you do on Insta. Better yet, don’t do dumb stuff to begin with.

So all in ends well for Vanessa, Austin and the treasured rocks of Coconino National Forest.

Update 8/4/16

Couple months back Vanessa and her boyfy Austin were on V-Day holiday in Arizona when they did what any other couple on holiday would do – they immortalised their love for each other by carving into a rock.

Unfortunately for them the rock they chose was in a national park where it’s illegal to vandalise such precious artifacts. Naturally, a lot of people weren’t too impressed with their artwork after seeing it on Insta.

The matter escalated but the good news is Vanessa won't be going to jail, which is one of the punishments of this crime.

Instead, she's been ordered to either cough up the undisclosed fine she's been slapped with (which runs up to the value of US$5k) to cover the costs of remove the carving, or she can appear in court at a later date for a sentence.

But we're thinking she'll no doubt pay fine and be glad this mini-nightmare is over. This will certainly be one Valentine's Day she'll never forget. XX


Well this is cray-cray news...

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler (aka cutest couple EVA) have come under investigation after this ~romantic~ gesture on Valentine's Day.

Visiting Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona the two did what basically erryone in love does - they carved their names into a rock.

Unfortunately for them, it's illegal to damage or deface rocks in the Red Rock Ranger District because they're ~~precious~~*. And, according to TMZ, they could be locked behind bars for six months or pay a $5000 penalty for doing this.

Uhhh, bad luck?

When you just tryin' to be romantic and you end up in jail??