Vanessa Hudgens is very insecure about her stomach, but gets real about why it doesn't bother her


By Bianca Mastroianni

Vanessa Hudgens basically gives us #inspo all day erryday. She is absolutely gorgeous and that's just not a secret. BUT, like every human ever, she also gets insecure about her body.

In an interview with PeopleStyle, Vanessa opened up about her "pooch" (which is what she calls her stomach), but quickly reiterates why she gives no damn about it either.

"I don’t think we give our bodies enough gratitude for simply just doing what it does, without us telling it to do it," Vanessa explained.

"Just the fact that it can digest food for you and keep food down and fight off bacteria. Realising that has helped me love my body a little more."

No truer words have ever been spoken. God bless you tummy.

Just think about all dat food you love to eat. NONE of that would be possible if your glorious stomach didn't cooperate to break it down for you.

We're all about the body love, and it's great to see it coming from someone as #real as our girl Vanessa.