Vanessa Hudgens as a comic book ~kween~ for her new show "Powerless" is EVERYTHING!

Vanessa returning to TV is so much yaaas!

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you're wondering what's been missing from your TV screen over the past several years, we have the answer: Vanessa Hudgens.

Her latest debut on Grease: Live made us remember how much we LOVE watching her perform, so news she'll be starring in this new TV show has gotten us mega-keen.

Powerless will be a spin on most superhero shows, focusing on the citizens who live alongside the heroes. As much as we love seeing the good guy vs the bad, it'll be even more interesting to follow the lives of the mere mortals whose lives cross paths with these cape-wearing baes.

Artwork for the show has been released in typical comic-book style, and BOY we are obsessing over V in this look. She'll play Emily, an everyday gal who works for an insurance company who cleans up the mess made by superheros. Like, have you seen how much crap they destroy in a single fight scene?

The show will hit screens early 2017, so start your countdown NOW!