These ~powerful words~ helped Vanessa Hudgens stay strong during "Grease: Live!"

True professional.

Watching Vanessa Hudgens’ doing her thang in "Grease: Live!" the other night, we would never in a million years have guessed that she’d lost her dad to stage 4 cancer less than 24 hours before. She gave such a rock solid performance, that anyone would have thought she'd just had the best day of her life.

Although, we couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness every time we saw her, and wondered just what she was feeling and how could she could possibly soldier on through when we’d be crying non-stop?

Well, "Grease: Live!" executive producer Marc Platt has now revealed what went on BTS. “I looked at her in the eyes and said ‘Can you do this? I think your dad would want you to do this,’ and she said she knew that he would. She knew that she had to do it," Matt told Variety. "She knew that she had to put that in a box for a few hours and use it to fuel her performance."

And that she did. She nailed the role of ~Rizzo~.

"It was incredibly brave of her. She’s a professional, but she’s also a human being and a daughter,” he added. Her family were close by, watching the show from a trailer on the Warners lot, where the live show was filmed.

“Her performance speaks for itself. We were all very proud of her.”

So are we, huge respect. XOXO

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