VERY IMPORTANT: Harry Styles has finally cut his hair

One Direction fans, your prayers have been answered.

One Direction fans, your prayers have been answered.

Just when we thought Harry Styles had developed some sort of scissor-induced haircutting fear, he’s gone and had it all chopped off!

Well, not completely. He hasn’t gone all ‘Liam Payne Buzz Cut’ on us – yet.

Over the past few months, Harry’s hair has been getting more attention than his love life and fans were begging the One Direction star to get a haircut.

They were so serious about it they even made signs and petitions to get their point across. Power to the people!


But fans weren’t the only ones who had an issue with Harry’s ever-growing locks. In fact, Lily Allen revealed to Grazia Daily that if she could makeover one person, it’d be Harry Styles. “I’d like to cut his hair off,” she said at the time.

Maybe Haz got scared at the idea of Lily Allen chasing him around London with a pair of scissors?

Either way, he’s finally opted for a trim. It’s thought that Lou Teasdale, the 1D stylist, is responsible for the new ‘do.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments. Like, for instance, if Harry ditches his raggedy bandanna.

Stay tuned.