Watch Calvin Harris cry over Taylor Swift on live television


By Erin Cook

Please – will somebody think of Calvin Harris’ feelings?!

During a recent appearance on the UK edition of X Factor, Calvin was forced to relive his recent split from Taylor Swift.

While helping judge Nicole Scherzinger pick her final three boys, Calvin was introduced to a young fella named Matt Terry. As it so happened, Matt had recently been dumped by his girlfriend and naturally, he’d written a song about it. "I was in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend and she left me, but that happens,” Matt said. "It happens to all of us - it's life right?"

Calvin responded a little too enthusiastically, “Yeah, of course! Now you're on TV! I bet she's sad right now, dude."

Then Matt sang his song and we think Calvin’s eyes got a bit teary.

The poor guy then looked over at Nicole for support but he was definitely on his own.

Basically, the whole thing was pretty ~emotional~. Twitter users seemed to think so too.

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Side note: Can we all take a moment to reminisce on the time Calvin was banned from X Factor for storming onto the stage with a pineapple on his head while Jedward performed seven years ago? It looks like the producers have finally found it in their hearts to forgive him.