Selena Gomez's 'Kill Em With Kindness' video is here...

...but did you notice THIS very important detail?

By Sammy Stewart

Kween Selena Gomez has dropped her ~fIyAh~ music video for Kill Em With Kindness!

Aside from looking like an absolute goddess and being the definition of all things #GOALS, there was one very, very important detail in the video you may have missed...

Still confused? Let us explain.

When Selena first took control of her music back in 2014, her debut track was The Heart Wants What It Wants. In this video, Selena rarely makes eye contact with the camera, heartbroken, shy, vulnerable and totally makes you want to give her a bear-hug.

Two years later and Selena has come full circle. As seen in Kill Em With Kindess, Sel is an actual force to be reckoned with. She's found herself, confident, making SO much eye contact and has a nek-level energy that makes you say "YASS KWEEN".

Yep, Princess Selena has started the new chapter of her life and won't be looking back...

Keep on killing 'em, Kween.