Remember that time Taylor Lautner beat up Kanye West on live TV?

Let’s relive the glory of 2009.

By Sammy Stewart

Long ago, in a time where the Jonas Brothers reigned and Twilight was EVERYTHING (aka 2009), Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were the ULTIMATE power couple.

It was during this time, that the infamous Kanye West "Imma let you finish" speech occurred at the MTV VMA's and simultaneously broke the internet, and started a seven year war:

You might not know this, but that dude standing on Taylor's right was actually Taylor Lautner, who sadly didn't get a chance to defend his GF in the crazy moment.

However, Taylor Lautner was hosting Saturday Night Live a few days later and turned his opening monologue into one of the greatest, and most underrated moments of television history.

There was a dramatic reenactment of the VMAs...

There was a Kanye mannequin...

And THIS happened:

Relive the glorious moment of 2009 in the video above!