We don't mean to alarm you but Niall Horan has had a haircut

It looks great.

By Sammy Stewart

If you don't happen to be a member of the 1D fam and are wondering how a story about a haircut is considered ~newsworthy~, pls know that we're in the middle of a hiatus and tbh times are tough.

Anyways, over the weekend sweet lil Niall was missing/looking at pictures of Harry and realised that he too was in need of a haircut.

So Niall did what Niall had to do; he booked a flight to LA where his fave hairdresser is located, got a trim then returned home to London where he showed off his fresh new cut at the soccer.

So many photos. So many blessings.

Unlike that other beautiful human who is still torturing us with that damn hat. #HARRYTAKEOFFYOURHAT