People are seriously freaking out over Kendall Jenner's leg in this photo

Photoshop or plastic surgery?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Kendall Jenner's leg is missing in this photo

Okay, so we were totally pulling your leg (SORRY) with that 'plastic surgery' thing there... but fans are beyond freaking out over Kendall's missing leg, and TBH so are we.

Enter: Kendall Jenner at the Golden Globe's after party chillin' like a villain with her sis Kylie and BFF Hailey Baldwin on the couch. The result? A candid AF pic of the trio... and Kendall with a missing leg.

As you can see, Hailey has her two legs crossed over to the side. Kylie has both her legs crossed over in the middle... and Kendall, well, she has one leg that seems to be on the wrong side of her body.


Fans have respectively lost their marbles over the missing leg, commenting things like: "Where is Kendall's other leg and what's wrong with the leg that is there😂" and "Where is Kendall's other leg?".

Being the concerned peeps we are, we got all DOLLY investigates on this case and here are our findings:

On closer inspection, it becomes clear that Kendall has her dress covering one of her legs, and the other leg is crossed over on top of her dress, making it look like she is missing a leg and placed her right leg where her left leg should be.

You can see the slight curve of her hip where her missing leg is. CASE FREAKING CLOSED!

Ahh, investigative journalism at its finest.

And, just to prove that Kendall does indeed have two working legs, here's the proof:

Over & out.