We NEED to know who Louis Tomlinson's REALLY HOT friend is right now

Why does Louis get all the fit ones?

By Bianca Mastroianni

It's official. Hot men FLOCK around Louis Tomlinson.

Take Harry Styles, and every member of 1D for that matter, and THIS.MYSTERY.GUY!!!!

This hawtie keeps popping up in heaps of pics, and everyone who has eyeballs wants to know who he is.

The internet has done a B+ job on discovering his name is Luke, but being the mysterious hottie he is, there's no last name. Dammit.

Look at that jawline. #Blessed.

It looks like they go waaaaaaaaaaaay back, so Luke no surname has been around for a while and we're ONLY JUST NOTICING HIM?

It's a travesty. Luke no surname, hit us up!