Why 5SOS should represent Australia at Eurovision

I think we can all unanimously agree on why the boys would be red-hot contenders for Eurovision.

Why 5SOS should represent Australia at Eurovision

Our list of 10 reasons why 5SOS should enter Eurovision...

  1. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll make all our dreams comes true and dress up as the characters from Toy Story for their performance.

  1. To see Ashton’s beautiful biceps in action – we don’t want to deprive the rest of the world from that beautiful sight.

  1. If Michael were to compete in Eurovision IMAGINE what he’d do to his hair! We’re thinking he’d go all out and dye his hair green and gold for his country.

  1. What if Calum takes his shirt off onstage? The boys will win for sure.

  1. To watch magic like this unfold:

  1. And for dance moves like this:

  1. Because they’d be heroes for Australia. Do it for Oz, boys!

  1. Also, they already have a huge fan base so loads of people would tune in.

  1. Their onstage shenanigans would amuse us endlessly.

  1. Because they channel ABBA (previous Eurovision winners) so well.

Yep. We're convinced.