#GottaZayn is trending and it’s making everyone Zayn from Twitter

This can't be good - and it's really not.

By Amber Manto

If you logged into Twitter this morning and had the sudden urge to lock your phone and chuck it in the river, we really don’t blame you.

No idea what we are talking about? Let us explain. See some observant soul, somewhere out there on the internet stumbled across a video which stars someone who resembles Zayn back in his blue hair days. And that lookalike was doing something usually done in ~private~... with a partner.

Those who watched said video and managed to stick around the Twittersphere basically wanted to pour bleach into their eyes and go back in time 24 hours. However since that wasn't really a possibility they instead provided us all with plenty of entertainment and eventually got the hashtag #GottaZayn trending...

Ahhhh good stuff. Well, we think that’s enough internet for one day - Zayning.