Taylor Swift's ~friend~ reveals the actual reason why Hiddleswift broke up

Turns out they were "never" going to last </3

By Sammy Stewart

We were all kinda bamboozled as to why Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston decided to end their three month relationship.

They looked so damn cute together, dammit.

However, Phillip Bloch, a celebrity stylist and good friend (apparently) to Karlie Kloss (probs not now tbh) has told the tabloids that he reckons Hiddleswift was never going to work.

"There was too much pressure, including from Taylor's fans who didn't take to it. It wasn't a normal relationship," Philip told Now Magazine.

Phillip went on to add that the relationship wasn't so beneficial for Tom, adding, "Tom's a guy on the up and it was a good look for him, and the people around him were happy for it to happen, but there was no doubt about it, he was in the Taylor show."

"She's always been the much bigger star and it was very much about her."

Turns out all that bad press about the couple "moving too fast" and whatnot also didn't help Hiddleswift's tragic fate, "For a while it looked good for both of them, but then it went the opposite way and they both ended up getting a lot of flak."

"There was talk that the relationship wouldn't last because of how it was being handled and I definitely saw the split coming. It wasn't a surprise to those in the know. Ultimately their relationship couldn't be 'normal'."

Hmmm, interesting. They might be over but we're not quite ready to let go of this #ship.