This is why Kylie prefers dating Party Next Door over Tyga

OOFT and dayummmm!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Party Next Door

Gone are the days of crying in bed over an ex-boyfriend with a litre of ice-cream while listening to every sad song ever.

If we've learnt anything recently it's that gals don't need to beat themselves up over a break-up, just look at Taylor Swift moving on with Tom Hiddleston, and of course Kylie Jenner who's now super-duper in love with Party Next Door after her split with Tyga.

#Slay kweens.

People get over break-ups in their own way, but we have alllll the respect for the gals out there who can get back in the game in a blink of an eye.

Kylie and Tyga's relationship was always up and down, so it comes as no surprise that Ky is really enjoying the drama-free life with PND.

A ~source~ spoke to E! News about it. "They're super attracted to each other. Kylie is really into PND."

"Right now, she feels very drama free without the constant arguing with Tyga. It was always so up and down and with PND it's very laid-back. She likes that a lot."

Good for you, Kyliz.

We totally ship #ParKy... and as much as supposed friends expected her to get back with Tyga, the source admits it's the longest Kylie has gone without speaking to him.

"Friends thought this was going to last a week [until] they got back together, but both sides think this is permanent now," said the source.

Guess we can thank PND's ~charm~ for that. #NeverForget how he serenaded her that one time. Goals.