You may have wondered where Selena Gomez was during Taylor's EPIC beach party

Her BFF missed out on the PDA party of the century.

By Bianca Mastroianni

ICYMI: Taylor Swift threw an EPIC fourth of July party at the beach yesterday with all her super-famous friends.

There was frolicking in the water, make-out sessions with her and Hiddleston, cringey love confessions on tees and even a pregnant Blake Lively.

What was missing was Tay's BFF Selena.

We've speculated in the past about Taylor and Selena ~maybe~ having a falling out (the horror), but DW... Tay was spotted just a couple of weeks ago fangirling at Selena's Revival tour. So all is good in the land of #Taylena.

Sel was just busy slayin' away on her tour, thousands of miles away in Arizona. Phew.

Sel has a performance in Phoenix today, so she was busy rehearsing, setting up and hanging out on massive dirt bike tractor thing etc.

As fun as Tay's beach party looked (almost too fun if you're picking up what we're puttin' down...) Selena looks like she's having the time of her life in the desert.

It's a hard life being a celeb that's so in demand.