YouTube launches new subscription service

Gets all BBHMM on us…

We already pay for Netflix, Foxtel (ahem, okay so the parentals totes still pay for that one) and now YouTube dare to get all BBHMM on us? Great.

On their official website, YouTube announced the launch of the subscription service as a response to YouTube fans wanting; “more choice when watching their favourite content, more ways to support their favourite creators and, above all, the option to watch their favourite videos uninterrupted."

So here’s the deal. You’re looking at around another $10 a month for the YouTube Red service which will allow subscribers to save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet, play videos in the background, watch vids ad free and have access to a new YouTube music streaming app.

TBH we’re on the fence.

The sweetener is that as of Jan next year exclusive content from your fave YouTubers will be released with a line up including PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and Joey Graceffa. ​However, seeing as you will still be able to stream most content for free – the exclusive content will have to be pretty amaze to lure us in.