YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous detained in Dubai for being transgender

Gigi documented it all.

By Sammy Stewart

If you've ever found yourself on YouTube, you've probably come across a vlogger by the name of Gigi Gorgeous and no doubt picked up a few makeup tips.

Aside from being your dream bff, Gigi is known for famously documenting her transgender transition online for the world to see. She instantly grew a massive following and has been #KillingIt ever since.

However, overnight Gigi had a scary encounter in Dubai when she was detained for being transgender. Even though all her passport information has been updated with her new legal name, Gigi explained to TMZ that the immigration officer said "I was told you are transgender. You cannot come into the country."

In an emotional Instagram post, Gigi explains how she was detained by airport security for over five hours until her BFF Nats Getty "came to my rescue."

Gigi explained her stressful experience "further proves the need for CHANGE" and added she's "now on my way to somewhere much more accepting."

You do you, Gigi <3