What it's REALLY like to date Zac Efron, as told by Zac Efron

He openly admits he’s horrible at it.

By Amber Manto

Most of us have day-dreamed about what it would be like to date a celeb, well Zac Efron is here to ruin that fantasy coz apparently it ain’t all suave moves and fancy dinners.

Well, not if you’re dating him anyways.

"One thing I'm not great at is dating... going on dates," Zac told The FIX.

“I'm a nerd […] I love comic books and video games. I love chillin'."

Er so what’s the problem Zachy babes, so do we? Wanna catch up for a game of Pokémon Go?

Well, Zac explained the reason he's so terrible at dating is because everyone he's dated he's ended up in a relationship with which is why he thinks he's need more practice (yep, so do we). In fact, he’s willing to give blind dating a go and we volunteer as tribute.

"Maybe I should do like a roundtable of dates? It could be cool because you can't leave the table."

Indeed it would Zac, indeed it would...