PROOF that Zac Efron belongs in One Direction

One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” meets High School Musical is why the internet was created.

We think we’ve found Zayn’s replacement…

Thanks to the ~creative~ folks over at Tumblr, all of your 1D x HSM fan-fiction fantasies are now coming true after fans quickly discovered that the boy's latest addictive song "Drag Me Down" would fit PERFECTLY in to these dramatic Troy Bolton scenes.

First there’s Troy’s dramatic basketball ballad pondering how everything could just drag him down.

TBH, it fits so perfectly we almost forgot that this wasn’t the actual song.

Next might be our favourite. It’s that classic scene from HSM 2 where Troy does his angry dancing through the golf course in the desert and the song really captures the attitude of the clip.

Well done internet, well done.