Zac Efron re-creates this epic #throwback crimped hairstyle and we just cannot

Plus he gets totally soaking wet on Jimmy Fallon.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The crimped hairstyle has totally been making a comeback for us gals but it seems Zac Efron is trying his hand at making it a ~thing~ for boiz too.

Slay kween. You do you.

Zac dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently where Jimmy whipped out a good old #throwback pic of Zac in his fetus days.

This is pure gold.

Talk about doing puberty right.

"Do you think you could still pull this style off?" Jimmy asks, proceeding to pull a crimped wig from thin air. What a magician.

"Does it look as good as it feels?" Zac asks, flickin' his new locks like the sassy hunnie he is.


Talking about hot, the two went on to play Water War and Jimmy does the world a huge favour by soaking the hell out of Zac... check it out below.

Bless you wet shirt for stickin' to them abs.