Zara Larsson kinda took back her criticism about ’13 Reasons Why’

Now we can all ~move on~

By Jessica Lynch

It was only last month that singer Zara Larsson took to Twitter to blast the mega-popular series 13 Reasons Why, and fans weren’t having it.

Posting in a bunch of now-deleted tweets, the Lush Life singer wrote,

"13 reasons why is mehh don't @ me," followed by, "in my opinion it romanticizes a revenge suicide and it doesn't bring up mental illness or depression AT ALL."

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After harassment from trolls forced her to delete every tweet on her account (which kiiinda defeats the message behind the show that bullying is wrong, tbh), Zara decided to take yesterday’s MTV Music & TV Awards as an opportunity to basically take back all the neg things she said about 13RW.

"I voiced my opinion about it on Twitter," she said to Teen Vogue. "I didn't watch the whole thing when I said that. It is very, you know, a touchy subject. It's very important; I think we definitely should speak more about mental health," she said.

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While she revealed that she thought the show ‘wasn’t bad’, she also said it wasn’t her ‘cup of tea,’ preferring shows like Game of Thrones instead.

Each to their own, girl!