WATCH: Zayn calls upon Gigi Hadid to accept his award with him

Quite possibly the greatest couple goals moment of all time.

By Matt Galea
WATCH: Zayn calls upon Gigi Hadid to accept his award with him

Seriously though, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid (AKA Zigi) never, repeat, NEVER cease to amaze us with couple goals moments.

From their cute AF social media shout-outs to each other to the hot dates that they go on together, the young lovers are as tight as tight can be.

And now, Zayn has decided to share an ~ultimate~ career moment with his gorj girl.

The former One Direction member won the award for Best Music Video at the iHeartRadio Music Awards for his hit single ’Pillowtalk’ but was unable to attend the ceremony as he’s currently in Paris with Gigi, who, as we're sure you remember, starred in the ~steamy~ vid.

Instead, the singer sent in an acceptance video with a bit of a twist.

"Hello to everyone at iHeart. I'm currently in Paris, so I can't be there,” he says in the vid. “A little birdie told me that I've actually won an award, so thank you very much. I'm very honored to everyone that voted, thank you very much, it means a lot.”

Then, Zayn draws attention to his GF who was sitting behind him at the time, off-camera.

"And my co-star is actually right next to me here, so she's going to say hello as well."

The vid ends with the couple blowing kisses to all the adoring fans through the camera.

So. Friggen. Cute!

Zigi have totally been taking Fashion Week by storm, with a source confirming that the pair are together 24/7.

“When they are in the same city they don't leave each other's side,” the insider says. “The high fashion events are mainly work-related, but doing it together is always more enjoyable.”

You rock Zigi, don’t ever change <3