Zayn and Gigi take The Hamptons!

Well, they were there anywayz.

After making their relationship Insta and Snapchat official, Zigi are only getting closer and closer with every passing day. Last week the pair met up in New York together to hang out.

Despite the death of Zayn’s Grandmother while they've been away :(, Zigi has been seen countless times walking the streets together (shocking, we know), wearing matching outfits and holding hands #CoupleGoals. Some reports even suggested they went apartment shopping together but ehhhhh, we’re not so sure about that (although Gigi's current pad is on the market so maybe...).

Anyways in this latest development, Zigi have been spotted doing their thang in The Hamptons. It’s freezing there RN (-1 degree actually, so yep, cold) so both were rugged up good and proper.

That's Zayn in the beanie with Gigi sporting a green puffer jacket. #VeryNoice

Not much is known about why they were there (looking for a holiday house maybe?!), but their entourage was certainly close behind. In one photo we see them standing on the balcony of the building together, then both leave and get into a fancy black car.

Much posh.

That's it, that's all we know. One thing's for sure though, Zigi is certainly here to stay. <3

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