The reason why Zayn didn’t attend Louis’ X Factor performance is pretty disappointing

We actually can’t believe this!

By Matt Galea
Why Zayn didn’t attend Louis’ X Factor performance

We were all seriously touched by Louis Tomlinson’s tribute performance to his mumma on The X Factor (UK).

Louis received an overwhelming amount of support from fans and celebs, including his bandmates.

Harry, Niall and Liam rushed to his side to support Louis as he took to the stage where the band once formed.

But we couldn’t help but notice that one founding member of the band was noticeably absent… Zayn.

While the former 1D member sent his condolences to Louis via Twitter, he did not attend Louis’ performance.

Now, a source has claimed that the reason that Malik was not there was because he was actively avoiding his former bandmates.

“There is still quite a lot of animosity between Zayn and the rest of the gang, and it was actually a good thing he wasn’t there," the source explained. "They wanted to mourn together and if they played buddy-buddy with Zayn it would not have been genuine and added a sore spot to everything.”

Wow. That is really, REALLY disappointing.

We’re hoping that these claims are false and that Zayn wouldn’t really be that cold to his former friend.