Zayn was so busy dissing 1D during his AMAs acceptance speech that he forgot to thank Gigi

So awkward.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If there was a time and place for Zayn to rub salt in the wounds of One Direction fans, it's during his acceptance speech for Best New Artist and the AMAs.

With Niall Horan in the crowd ~sobs~ Zayn's first words were, "This one just has my name on it, right." Yikes.

We hope lil Neil wasn't paying attention at that moment in time.

Wonder if that epic insult - which we assume took a lot of preparation - is what led to Zayn to completely forget to thank his girlfriend (and AMAs host, Gigi) while he went through his loooong list of people to thank...

She was a main feature in his hit song Pillowtalk, and has stood by him through his battle with anxiety.

But no matter, bae didn't give a damn, giving Zayn a big old smooch when he walked off stage. #Ugh.