Fangirls are annoyed at Zayn for pulling out of The Voice…

PLOT TWIST: He made up for it.

By Sammy Stewart

There's no denying the fact that Zayn is beacon of talent and wisdom.

But in saying that, he’s also the reason we have #TrustIssues

Yep, judge us all you want but we're still not over the biggest breakup of 2015.

Earlier this week Zayn was expected to perform on the US version of The Voice. However, babes pulled a #ClassicZayn and ended up totally zayning his performance commitments, upsetting all the girls who had patiently been let down yet again:

There's no word on why he was a no-show, but thankfully Zayn DID perform the following night, and boy it was something.

Zayn hit the stage with Like I Would and it ~slightly~ mended the fangirls' broken hearts.

ZAYN PLZ. Stop leaving us.