Zayn and Gigi get very *very* steamy as they record themselves kissing in a car

They're so in love it hurts.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Zayn and Gigi show off PDA in their car

So basically everyone is breaking up this year, but you can count on Zayn and Gigi to keep the love going!

The two have quite literally never seemed more in love than they do rn, and to be honest it's quite refreshing.

If the Pillowtalk video clip or Vogue photoshoot wasn't enough, they have Snapchat to show just how in love they really are, with this newest vid taking it to nek level ~steamy~.

You can see the pair playing around with a Snapchat filter, when Gigi plants the biggest kiss ever on Zayn's cheek/corner of his mouth... and oh ma gawd the smile he gives her afterwards melts our cold, dead heart.

Not to mention the lil peck at the end. This is real love guyz. Not a PR relationship. #REAL.