Zayn and Gigi show off an insane amount of PDA in this latest snap

It's Pillowtalk/Vogue all over again.

By Amber Manto

In case we needed any more proof that Zayn and Gigi are #BackOn, #2Getha, #InLurve, ZIGI did what they do best and took to Insta to flaunt their rock-solid relationship.

WARNING: The following may cause feelings of jealously or nausea.

Hey we did warn you. As we can see, Gigi and Zayn are in in the middle of what seems to be a very hilarious kiss.

Thoughts that went through our head when our eyes saw this:

1. How the heck is Zayn taking this pic? He must be double-jointed or something.
2. Why is Gigi wearing a hat?
3. Why is Zayn wearing sunnies?
4. Where are they? Are they inside? Then plz remove said hat and sunnies.
5. Does Zayn like kissing Gigi’s teeth? Is that something they're into (hey no judgement)?
6. Is Zayn REALLY that funny, Gigi?
7. Is this even Zayn, maybs it’s Rodger?! Maybe Rodger is the funny one?!

We may never know the answers to these questions (probs won’t) but one thing is for damn sure: ZIGI are back! Brace yourself social media accounts, the CC snaps are coming!