Zayn and Gigi apparently broke up two weeks ago

Let's examine the evidence.

By Amber Manto

Ah yes, it’s that time of the month when the old rumour mill gets a good churning, coz #SlowNewsDay

This time, Zayn and Gigi are in the spotlight as they’re apparently no more, according to Life&Style.

“Zayn broke the news to Gigi two weeks after her birthday,” a source told the mag. “He sat her down at dinner and told her how he felt.”

Now, as the source states, apparently this all took place two weeks after her 21st birthday, which we know was this time last month (April 23).

Then they were obvs spotted at the Met Gala together on May 2 because who could forget this...

^ Iconic

Right now let’s debunk this rumour, coz 1) #WeDOLLY 2) #SlowNewsDay

1. The last time #Zigi were spotted together was on the street on May 7 which happens to be exactly two weeks after Gigi’s birthday. Coincidence? Probably.

2. Gigi then posted this #TBT of them to Insta on May 21 with the simple caption “Missing you” and a heart emoji. Now is this a 'missing you coz you dumped me' or 'missing you coz you’re away'?

Admittedly this is slightly weird as both Gigi and Zayn are in the LA - Zayn just performed on The Voice US and Gigi was on Jimmy Fallon. But still, it's possible to miss your bae even if it's only been a few hours. #WeAllBeenDere

3 Zayn hasn't posted a pic of Gigi on Insta since May 3 - the day after Met Gala - then was spotted hiking with a random blonde girl who’s defs not Gigi on May 25. HOWEVER, back on May 15 he tweeted this:

Now who would say "That ma girl" about someone you apparently broke up with the week before? And who would wear a t-shirt with their ex's name on it while the break-up is still fresh? Nope, no-one.

5. Gigi tweeted this on May 25 in celebration of Zayn's performance on The Voice US:

Which would be an odd thing to write about an ex.

5 Lastly, and most importantly, Zayny and Gigi babes still follow each other on ALL forms of social media.

Nah, sorry #Zigi h8trs but this #ship is still full steam ahead.