This guy looks JUST like Zayn Malik and we're legit in love

We're seeing double.

By Jessica Lynch

It was only the other week that the internet managed to track down Gigi Hadid’s doppelganger, and now it seems they’ve found a Zayn Malik lookalike, and just a heads up: he’s seriously H-O-T!

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So who exactly is this ~mysterious~ stranger?

Well, his name’s Tallie Dar and he’s originally from Pakistan, but now lives in Ontario, Canada, and he's just as tall, dark and handsome as our boy Z - he's even got the poses down pat! Just check out some of the swoon-worthy snaps from his ‘gram.

The mega hottie’s photo have since gone viral, with social media freaking the eff out over his crazy-similar resemblance to the former Directioner.

There's only main difference between Talli and Zayn – Tallie is currently single!

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