Zayn has something else to say about One Direction

It’s like he never left the darn band!

By Matt Galea
Zayn has something else to say about One Direction.

Since breaking our hearts and exiting our fave boy band, Zayn Malik has had a pretty damn successful solo career.

His debut album Mind of Mine went to number one in multiple countries, his singles have been absolutely fiyah and he most recently collaborated with music legend, Taylor Swift on a track for Fifty Shades Darker.

And while reflecting on his solo career with US radio show The Elvis Duran Show, Zayn couldn't help but mention how his life is sah much better now that he's riding solo.

"I'm enjoying what I'm doing at the minute," he told the radio hosts. "When I was in the band, there were times where I needed time away to go see my family and recollect my thoughts. But right now, I feel like I have the time to process things, and I'm doing things in my own space, so it's a good place to be in."

Zayn has also become quite the scholar since leaving the band! In addition to writing every single track on his new album, he also recently wrote a mega honest book about everything he’s been through.

In the book, he wrote that:

"I feel like writing anything down is a little bit of a therapy process… It's a way of alleviating your mind and getting it out there. For me, it was a little bit of that. I kind of enjoyed it." He added that "it was fun to reminisce on things and think about what was good and what was bad and make sense of it all. I didn't have time to do that in the band. I feel myself growing every day as a person, as we all do, just getting older and wiser hopefully."

If you're happy, we're happy, Zayno!

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